Verdun and its history

The first World War (1914-1918) let still visible tracks everywhere in the Meuse. For example Verdun and the Red Zone. Relive history by discovering :

« The undergound citadel » suggests a trip in self-guided carriages. So you can discover the life of the “ Poilus” during the first world war.



« The Battlefields of Verdun » with the Ossuary of Douaumont, the Bayonet Trench, the Forts of Vaux and of Douaumont and all the remains of the first world war



« The World Center of Peace » is a place for exchanges and meetings in the old episcopal palace of Verdun, situated near the cathedral. It offers events around themes like peace, freedom and human rights (exhibitions, cultural events, international meetings about peace….).



« The Memorial of Verdun » is situated in the heart of the battlefield . It is one of the main european museum of the great war(14/18)



The show «  Des Flammes à la lumière » ( «  From the Flames to the ligth ») is an open-air live Son et Lumière. It presents an historical evocation of the battle of Verdun. It takes place every summer, in June and July, by nightfall.

The battlefields of Verdun
The battlefields of Verdun

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